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Onix 200 GPS Unit
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Bushnell   Onix 200 GPS Unit

Now you can navigate and plan your adventure using actual satellite images and aerial photography. The ONIX200 is the only handheld GPS unit on the market that gives you this capability. Log on to Bushnell`s web site, download an image to your GPS unit and it`s instantly calibrated (georeferenced) to the satellites for navigation. Now, the landmarks around you are pictured in your palm. And the screen-layering feature creates the most user-friendly interface on the market. Combine this with other exclusive features - SafeTrack battery-conservation mode and HOT button operation - and you`re holding an incredibly advanced piece of equipment that`s also simple to use.

  • 32 MB of built-in memory
  • 128 MB of SDRAM
  • 240x160 pixel 16-level grayscale LCD screen
  • Downloads, displays, and georeferences satellite photography
  • Screen layering
  • SafeTrack battery-conservation mode
  • Night Mode
  • HOT button operation
  • Basemap of the United States and Canada
  • 12-parallel-channel receiver
  • WAAS enabled
  • Stores up to 500 waypoints, 20 trails and 20 routes
  • Stores up to 15 satellite images, aerial photos, or topographic maps (varies with image size)
  • Audible alarms
  • Waterproof (IPX7 rated) and rugged construction
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Runs on two AA batteries (not included)
  • USB port (cable included)


Bushnell GPS is the first handheld system that supports satellite and aerial photography. Download an image from the Bushnell web site and it`s instantly calibrated (georeferenced) to the satellites for navigation. This exclusive, revolutionary technology opens up a whole new dimension of opportunities for the outdoors enthusiast.

The expedition starts in your armchair

You can plan your adventure from your home computer: View the ground you`ll be exploring, mark waypoints and plot your course. It will save you time in the field and give you an intimate knowledge of the land before you ever set foot on it. When you`re on the move, you can reference the landmarks around you to what appears on your LCD screen. It`s the easiest way to navigate, and no other GPS on the market gives you this capability.

How one picture is worth a big stack of maps

The ONIX200 series unit will store up to 12 photography (satellite or aerial) downloads at one time. Choose images of the same land at different levels of zoom, or broaden your coverage area by storing photos of separate areas. Using the screen-layering feature, you can overlay the satellite or aerial image with a compass and other navigational features for awesome ease of use.


When you download a satellite or aerial photo to your Bushnell GPS, it`s instantly georeferenced to the satellite network for navigation. This means the image is calibrated to adjust to your heading and location to display an accurate representation of the ground you`re exploring.

For example: if you`re headed south facing a stand of pines, you can look down at your Bushnell GPS and the satallite image or aerial photo and directional compass will also display you`re headed south and facing the stand of pines. We call this TruView navigation. By referencing the landmarks around you to those on your LCD, you can explore new territory with the competence of someone who`s trekked the land for years.

Georeferenced satellite images also give you an accurate portrayal of relative distance when viewing your position in relation to waypoints and visible landmarks. This means, if you know you`ve traveled nearly a mile from your treestand, and your next stopping point appears to be of equal distance away on your LCD, you can estimate you`re approximately a mile from your destination. It`s fast, simple and the most efficient way to see the country.


Bushnell GPS units layer a satellite image, aerial photo, or topogprahic map and all navigational aids in perfect harmony on a single screen. Even use it to view your trail. No more switching back and forth from map to compass. You can stay on the move and see more of what you came to see.


The ONIX GPS runs continuously for up to 26 hours on one set of batteries thanks to SafeTrack. This feature puts the display to `sleep` to save power while maintaining satellite connection behind the scenes. Optional audible alarms alert you of deviation from course.


It launches all functions from any screen. Manage and edit trails and routes, view your position in relation to the nearest waypoints using the `Where Am I?` feature, and start SafeTrack battery-saving mode.


Wide Area Augmentation Systems. This is a network of satellites and ground stations providing GPS signal connections that enhance accuracy. Your Bushnell GPS has a WAAS-enabled receiver accurate to 3 meters 95% of the time. It`s ultra-precise universal technology that`s constantly improving.
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Bushnell Onix 200 GPS Unit

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