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Women's Just 'Cause Special Breast Cancer Awareness Ski Package
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K2   Women's Just 'Cause Special Breast Cancer Awareness Ski Package

With 68mm underfoot and Mod Monic technology, the Just `Cause is built for the skier seeking a high performance, yet more forgiving all-mountain ski. Softer flexing than the Burnin` Luv, and with an aggressive 18.0 sidecut, the Just `Cause gives advanced women skiers more reason to explore what lies beyond the marked runs.

  • Works in collaboration with MOD technology
  • Focused mass dampening
  • Boeing tested for exact placement and efficiency
  • 15 grams (women)
K2`s Torsion Box construction is their most widely used, yet simplest lay-up. The construction is a Triaxially braided wood core ski. Braided Torsion Box skis tend to have lively and energetic characteristics that provide a high degree of rebound and performance. A triaxially braided wood core ski is still the benchmark and K2 continues to use it so widely because of it`s versatility and it`s ability to create so many different kinds of skis depending on the amount of flex and torsion.

Working with the Alliance Team to further develop K2`s line of women-specific skis has lead to Bioflex, a breakthrough multi-wood core technology. Used exclusively on K2`s T9 series of skis, the combination of two distinctively different woods, fir and spruce, provides the best of two desired traits in a woman`s ski; stability and forgiveness. Not just different layers of wood, but completely different cores fused together at the tip and tail. Spruce, a light, soft, wood is used in the extremities of the tip and tail, and fir, a more solid, dense wood is used underfoot. The Spruce provides the turn initiation, lightweight characteristics, and overall ease that T9 skis have come to be known for. The Fir underfoot provides an all-new level of confidence inspiring control, predictability, and stability. Exclusive to the T9 line of skis, Bioflex core technology makes a giant leap in women-specific ski technology.

The IBX system is an integrated binding technology that is engineered by Marker utilizing design attributes of it`s acclaimed world cup Piston Control plate. The IBX is designed for high performance skiers, while the IBC is positioned for more recreational customers. The IBC system is a 3-piece plate that allows the toe and heel to float freely, providing a very easy and forgiving feel for recreational skiers. The IBX is a single piece plate with a floating toe and a fixed heel designed to generate more power, precision, and quickness underfoot.
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K2 Women's Just 'Cause Special Breast Cancer Awareness Ski Package

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