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DPMS M4A1 Electronic Airsoft Rifle On Duty Kit
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Palco   DPMS M4A1 Electronic Airsoft Rifle On Duty Kit

A complete combat ready kit from Palco, the DPMS M4A1 Electronic Airsoft Rifle On Duty Kit includes a long arm and backup pistol so you`re prepared for any eventuality!

One of the most recognized rifles in the world, the M4A1 designed by DPMS is brought to you by Palco in a combat ready Airsoft variant of a M4A1 model for experienced Airsoft warriors, complete with a tactical rail mount for accessories.


  • Full/Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Adjustable Spin-up shooting system
  • Includes Red Dot sight
  • Fore Grip
  • Laser
  • Tactical rails
  • Spring Powered Pistol
  • Includes Battery and Wall power adaptor
  • 300 round capacity
Adjustable Spin-Up
The Spin-up system is available in both AEG, Gas and Spring operated models. The basic theory is spin on the BB. When the BB is fired there is a friction on the upper side of the BB creating a spin. This offsets the effect of gravity, wind power and air friction and pushes the BB to travel a longer distance. It allows you to adjust the spin of the BB.

Electric Rifles
Automatic Electric Guns (A.E.G) use a rechargeable battery to power an electric motor which cycles an internal piston that helps propel the projectile. AEG`s have quickly become the most popular type of Airsoft guns on the market and it`s easy to see why. Some features include: a higher muzzle velocity of 400+ FPS, many have an all metal body, steel gears and gearbox. Also AEG`s have high capacity magazine, metal barrel, adjustable sights, adjustable stocks and more accessories. Most are able to shoot semi and full automatic with as high of 2,000 rounds per minute. The electric guns are 1:1 scale to its real version in weight and detail!

In accordance with Federal Law all Airsoft replica firearms have a safety orange muzzle tip. Any attempt to remove the orange safety tip is a violation of Federal Law.

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Palco DPMS M4A1 Electronic Airsoft Rifle On Duty Kit

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F.P.S.: rifle: 310, pistol: 205
Magazine Capacity: rifle: 300, pistol: 14
Power: rifle: Electronic, pistol: Spring
Length: rifle: 35", pistol: 7"
Weight: 1.2 lbs