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Remix Pro Headlamp
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Princeton Tec   Remix Pro Headlamp

Made for the military by request, Princeton Tec`s Remix Pro Headlamp is powered by a single CR123 battery providing excelled performance in cold weather, light weight and compact size. While having multiple output modes to meet various requirements, the light always starts in low mode. Combining these features with a large on/off button, an easy access battery door and a reliable asymmetrical bracket, The Remix Pro is equipped to endure the rigors of your next adventure.

Colors Offered Refer to the 3 x Ultrabright LEDs:

  • Red preserves night vision.
  • Blue for blood tracking.
  • Green for hunter safety.
  • Clear for general use.
  • 3 x Ultrabright Colored LED`s, 1 Maxbright LED
  • 100 Lumens
  • CR123 Battery
  • Ultrallightweight at 66 g
  • Waterproof Level 1
  • Multiple Lighting Modes
  • Multiple Beams
Waterproof Level 1
Level 1 is assigned to lights that offer a degree of water protection equivalent to IPX4 in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. Lights rated at Level 1 are designed for water resistance to splashing and quick dunkings. If a light with a Level 1 rating is accidentally submerged for a longer period of time, the batteries should be removed and the cabinets should be carefully inspected for signs of battery leakage. If water has entered the housing, the light should be dried and batteries replaced.

Multiple Beams
This beam pattern combines focused narrow and focused wide beams to allow for the most versatility. At close range, the focused wide beams simulate normal daylight conditions so you can take advantage of your peripheral vision. The focused narrow beams create a long-throw spotlight ideal for night hiking and search and rescue.

Maxbright LED
The highest quality LED available from Lumileds, Princeton TecÕs Maxbright LED is extremely bright and efficient. This single LED emits a smooth, powerful, white light useful for a wide range of tasks. Princeton Tec uses collimators or reflectors with the Maxbright LED depending upon the application.

The highest quality LED available, the Ultrabright LED is bright and effi cient. The smooth, white, wide-beam light emitted by Ultrabright LEDs is ideal for close to mid-range tasks. Ultrabright LEDs are usually grouped together to offer a more powerful light source. Advances currently underway will continue to improve the effi ciency and brightness of Ultrabright LEDs.

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Princeton Tec Remix Pro Headlamp

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Light Source: 3 x Ultrabright LEDs, 1 Maxbright LED
Power Source: 1 x CR123 Battery
Burn Time: 40 Hours Max
Weight: 66 g