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Affiliate Programs

Profit by Association: Affiliates Program offers you an opportunity to earn a sales commission on all of the top name brand sporting goods we sell and it is free to join. Your affiliation with offers you an opportunity to be a part of a retail heritage started in 1917. has also been recognized by as a Gold Certified Merchant. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service, great values and the best selection of top brands in sporting goods. We are authorized to sell every brand we promote and have developed strong relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry.

Hard To Beat This!

It is hard to beat this opportunity. is a leader in the sporting goods industry. We have created key alliances and authorizations with the top name brands. Depending on the season, our average transaction is between $100 and $200 creating an opportunity for profitable referral earnings. Considering the potential on a per sale basis your opportunity for income is greater than many associates programs. The amount of traffic required to match the income opportunities is less. However the harder you work at promoting our site, the greater reward potential.

We Make It Easy

Once you refer visitors to us, we ensure that they receive the best service on the Web. We'll give them detailed information about every item on our site and in our stores, securely process their orders, promptly send their products, and courteously handle all customer service issues. We will make sure that your visitors have a satisfying purchasing experience because we know that the service we provide reflects on you and your Web site.

Reports and Payments has developed a partnership with Avantlink and Commission Junction. Avantlink and Commission Junction are leading service providers of affiliate programs. Through Avantlink and Commission Junction, you will be able to monitor your program daily.

Get Started!

Our Profit by Association affiliate program is free to join. Please read the terms and conditions of our Operating Guidelines (including the trademark guidelines). Once you have read this, click to our online application.