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Scott Scott Fix Snow Goggle (Discontinued)

Style: 214322(09/10)

State of the art technology and fine looks put the Fix ahead of the pack for winter weather adventures that require a clear, precise and unlimited field of view across variable conditions.

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Neon Green/blu Chrom Purple/natural Light WHITE /RED CHROME
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State of the art technology and fine looks put the Fix ahead of the pack for winter weather adventures that require a clear, precise and unlimited field of view across variable conditions.


  • Natural Light Lens
  • Chrome Amplifier Lens
  • Spherical Polycarbonate
  • No Fog Anti-Fog Lens Treatment
  • 100% UVA/UVB/UVC Radiation Protection
  • Multi-Layer Face Foam
  • Helmet Compatible
  • ACS and RAM Venting

Natural Light Lens Technology
Introducing the Natural Light Lens: the result of a definite need in wintersports to have one lens that can be worn in all weather and light conditions. The concept of the Scott Natural Light Lens is entirly different thatn anything you have used before. By adding suble colors to varying levels of light transmission, Scott has achieved a neutral lens that portrays true color with minimal distortion while enhancing clarity and contrast. This allows for a clear view of your environment.

Chrome Amplifier Tint
The base tint of Scott`s Chrome Lenses is the Light Amplifier and it utilizes the same patented light transmission process as Scott`s exclusive Amplifier Lens, offering three dimensional contrast, incredible depth perception and `flat` light definition through a sophisticated light transmission process.

The human retina contains two types of photoreceptors to absorb light: rods and cones. While the rods absorb light mainly at night, the cones function in daytime light conditions and provide high definition acuity and color detection. There are three types of cones which have different pigments and different absorption curves. The Amplifier Lens actually transmits selected wavelengths that approximate the optimal absorption wavelengths of these three cone photoreceptors. The result is a revolutionary new optical benchmark in adverse atmospheric conditions.

Spherical Injection Molded (SIM) Dual Lens
Scott Spherical Injection Molded Polycarbonate Dual Lenses are computer engineered to match the natural curvature of the human eye. This allows light to pass undistorted through the lens to the eye, delivering a completely unaltered natural view. This, coupled with the use of an injection molded polycarbonate lens, delivers unmatched optical clarity and durability.

No Fog Anti-Fog Lens Treatment
Scott lenses undergo a permanent No-Fog treatment process to prevent condensation and fogging.

100% UVA/UVB/UVC Radiation Protection
Scott lenses are optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB/UVC rays.

Air Control System (ACS)
ACS ventilation incorporates lens air intake vents on the goggle lens and frame air outtake vents on the bottom of the goggle. The result is a sophisticated ventilation system that helps prevent condensation and fogging.

RAM Air System
RAM Air is a patented frame ventilation system utilized in both Wintersport and Motorsport goggles. RAM Air was developed utilizing aeronautical engineering principles to create an air control system that strategically directs airflow within the goggle utilizing a controlled, clean, top-to-bottom pattern. Air enters in the Frame Air Intake [FAI] vents on top of the frame, eliminating `swirling air` and fogging, while Venturi Ventilation Outflow [V2O] vents on the bottom of the frame pull the air out.


Lens Natural Light, Chrome Amplifier


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Josh Colorado United States

Sweet Google, Great Price

These are really nice goggles with several color and lens options to fit your riding style. great price too!