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Tight Spot Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver

Style: TSQ5

The ultimate full-size quiver from TightSpot that will help you shoot better with your quiver on than you ever did with your old quiver off!

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The ultimate full-size quiver from TightSpot that will help you shoot better with your quiver on than you ever did with your old quiver off!


  • Fits tight and is so light you won't even notice it's on your bow
  • Quick Draw arrow system puts your arrow close at hand for a second shot
  • Super quiet performance, ideal for close-in shots
  • Acts as a stabilizer for more accurate shooting
  • Holds arrows tight, eliminating lost or dropped arrows
  • Virtually unbreakable hood
  • Keeps broadheads covered

TightSpot is infinitely adjustable, which means it acts like a stabilizer, balancing your bow; it also lets you get your nocks out of the dirt.

  1. Up or down: This movement not only allows you to adjust bow balance, but it also lets you adjust the quiver high enough so your arrow nocks don't dig into the dirt.
  2. Forward or back Rotating TightSpot forward or back lets you fine-tune bow balance, much like a stabilizer.
  3. In or out (patent #8,839,773) By sliding your TightSpot quiver in close to your bow on the patented dovetail rail, you will virtually eliminate any torque.

Dramatically Reduced Torque
Why do so many bowhunters remove their quivers when hunting? Because they shoot better without them! They are willing to give up having their arrows handy for a second shot to ensure accurate shooting. The problem is the design of most quivers. The further a quiver is from the bow, the more torque it creates. Torque affects accuracy, throws your bow's balance off and makes tuning more difficult, especially with broadheads. TightSpot's patented dovetail design eliminates this problem! Proximity to the bow is only half the equation. The heavier the quiver, the more torque it exerts. TightSpot quivers win here, too! They're exceptionally lightweight, thanks to vibration-absorbing woven carbon rods and a frame machined from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Holds Arrows Tight
Over time, or in cold weather, arrow grippers on all quivers tend to loosen. The exclusive Bulldog Gripper™ system (patent #8,839,773) on a TightSpot quiver is different in that you can adjust the grip for each individual arrow. By simply moving the ArrowWedge™ adjustment in or out, you get a custom grip on each individual arrow. No more arrows making noise, vibrating loose or falling out of your quiver!

Kills Vibration and Noise

  1. Extra-long wheelbase TightSpot quivers feature an extra-long 'wheelbase.' This stretched hood-to-gripper distance reduces both arrow and quiver vibration, resulting in far less unwanted noise.
  2. Bumper strip on crossbar kills arrow vibration The TightSpot quiver is designed so your arrows can rest against the bumper strip on the side of the quiver crossbar, dampening smaller vibrations for an even quieter bow.
  3. QuadFit™ 4-way spacer lets you slide quiver against cable guard Rotate the QuadFit 4-way spacer, which has a different off set on every side, so the TightSpot quiver nestles as tight as possible to your bow. This gives you another point of contact, absorbs vibration, and gives you a reference point so you can put the quiver in the same place every time.
  4. Super-premium woven carbon rods off er unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, absorb vibration One reason a TightSpot quiver is so lightweight is that much of its structure consists of two carbon rods. These carbon rods are constructed of woven carbon cloth, which has a very high carbon content. They're expensive but off er an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, excellent stability and maximum vibration absorption. In fact, these rods work so well that your bow itself will vibrate less with a TightSpot quiver attached than with no quiver at all.
  5. Acoustic dampening material inside hood In the space between the hood ceiling and the insert is dampening material that is specially formulated for acoustic sound-deadening applications. Th is makes the quiver quieter than ever before.