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Timex Timex Ironman 50 Lap

Style: 5K494

Iconic Timex Ironman style with advanced performance functionality.

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Iconic Timex Ironman style with advanced performance functionality.


  • Chronograph training log stores workouts by date, with best lap, average lap and total segment time.
  • 100-hour chronograph with lap or split in large digits.
  • 50-lap memory recall for effortless review after workout.
  • On-the-fly recall of lap or split.
  • 99-lap counter.
  • Total run format/syncro timer maintains total activity time (less time paused during workout) and overall running time.
  • Interval training is easy with 2 interval timers settable for up to 24-hours: countdown/stop (CS) and countdown/repeat (CR).
  • Automatic interval repetition counter.
  • 3 customizable alarms: daily/weekday/weekend/weekly options.
  • 3 time zone settings makes travel easy.
  • Top pusher for easy lap and split option.
  • All-day white reflector display.
  • Built-in setting reminders to quickly and easily set your watch.
  • Forward/backward setting for ease of use.
  • Available in a high-performance and durable resin strap.
  • Water resistance to 100m.
  • Easy to view in low light conditions with INDIGLO night-light.
  • Turn on INDIGLO night-light with any button with NIGHT-MODE feature.

Interval Timers
Do you ever get so engrossed in your workout, you can't remember if you're supposed to be starting a sprint or jog interval? Interval training routines are designed to vary the intensity of a workout with alternating segments of easy, moderate and hard exertion. Set your Timex Ironman interval timers, and alerts will notify when you need to change the pace. A classic beginner interval workout is the run/walk. For example, after warming up, start your interval timer and run for 1 minute. When you hear an alert, walk for 3 minutes. At the next alert, repeat the series again. Interval training has been shown to improve speed and endurance more effectively than traditional steady-state workouts.

INDIGLO Night Light
The Indiglo night light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented electroluminescent lighting technology.

Night Mode
The NIGHT-MODE feature makes viewing your watch screen in low-light conditions even easier: simply hold down the INDIGLO button for 3 seconds to activate and the watch will automatically illuminate with any button pressed.

Water Resistance
Your watch is water resistant if it has the wave symbol etched into the back of the case. Water resistance is measured and rated by depth in meters. The tests are made by subjecting the watches to water pressure (see table below, p.s.i.a. = pounds per square inch absolute).

DEPTH Equivalent Immersion
30 meters = 98.4 feet 60 p.s.i.a.
50 meters = 164 feet 86 p.s.i.a.
100 meters = 328 feet 160 p.s.i.a.
200 meters = 656 feet 284 p.s.i.a.

The watches will withstand water pressure up to their respective ratings as long as the lens or crystal, crown or push buttons and case remain intact.


Face Material Acrylic
Body Material Resin
Band Material Resin
Power Source Battery
Water Resistant 100 m
Movement Digital