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Tippmann Tippmann 98 Custom PS A.C.T. Basic Paintball Marker

Style: T102061

Tippmann's new 98 Custom Platinum Series is now easier than ever to upgrade, modify and maintain!

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Tippmann 's new 98 Custom Platinum Series is now easier than ever to upgrade, modify and maintain!


  • Split Receiver Design, which provides easier access to internal components for simplified installation of grip upgrades and modifications.
  • Secure Front Sight Spring and Trigger Pins, which makes the marker easier to service and reassemble.
  • Easy-to-Remove Power Tube Design with self-sealing/locking gas line secures the valve in place and eliminates two bolts from previous design making maintaining the marker quicker and easier.
  • Full Depth Pockets for ASA, which eliminates the need to loosen the ASA bolts when disassembling the marker.
  • New Barrel Porting and a Matte Finish, which improves marker air efficiency and reduces reflective glare.
  • Picatinny Rails, which makes adding a carry handle, scopes and other accessories a snap.
  • Redesigned, Vertical Front Grip, which offers improved stability and added texture for a more secure feel.
  • Redesigned Sling Mount End Cap, which allows players to easily attach a variety of different sling styles.

There is also a new Quick Thread Flatline Barrel, which attaches as easily as any other barrel to save players significant time and effort.

A.C.T. Technology
The new A.C.T. (Anti-Chop Technology) is a patent pending design to help eliminate ball chopping and ensure consistent performance. Using a new technology that has the front and rear bolt working independently of each other, A.C.T. virtually eliminates ball chopping and improves ball accuracy with less barrel cleaning.� And unlike other anti-chop systems, our system maintains ball velocity shot after shot and does not have to be re-cocked if the anti-chop technology had to be engaged.


Action A.C.T.
Power C02


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