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Us Divers Us Divers Men's Magellan LX Purge Mask and Tucson LX Snorkel Set

Style: 2612

Enjoy the wonders that lie beneath any body of water with U.S. Divers' Magellan LX and Tucson LX mask and snorkel set.

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Enjoy the wonders that lie beneath any body of water with U.S. Divers ' Magellan LX and Tucson LX mask and snorkel set.


  • Magellan LX Mask
    • 2-window mask with Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt for ultimate comfort
    • Built in Soft-Purge with Easy-Equalize
    • Silicone squeeze buckle system for easy adjustments
  • Tucson LX Snorkel
    • Submersible, dry top snorkel
    • Ergonomically shaped mouthpiece for great comfort
    • Flex section maximizes comfort and improves fit
    • One-way purge valve and built in whistle
    • Built in Whistle

Mask Purge Technology
A properly fitted snorkeling mask should not leak. Snorkeling is fun but a big smile can cause a small leak. Sometimes hair stuck in the mask skirt can cause a leak too.

A purge valve allows you to eliminate water through the one-way purge valve without removing or tipping your mask. If your mask has a built-in purge just exhale normally through your nose. The water will drain out of the purge valve.

The purge needs to be at the lowest point in order to work properly.

Dry Top Snorkel Technology
U.S. Divers offers a variety of patented 'Dry' snorkel top designs that all close to seal out water when you go under water.

While snorkeling on the surface of the water just breathe normally. When you want to dive under the water take a deep breath and then submerge. The snorkel will automatically close and seal out the water from the tube. When you resurface just exhale and breathe normally. As long as you keep a good seal with your mouth on the mouthpiece your snorkel will not take in any water.

Hydro-Adhesion Technology
This advanced tube within a tube snorkel top design keeps splashed surface water out because the water 'adheres' to the inner surface fo the snorkel top, routing it safely out and away from the breathing tube. It also provieeds excellent, unobstructed airflow, and easy purge capabilities.


Measurements Fitted for Adults


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